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What Drives Us Is The Passion To See That Young People Have Equal Opportunity.
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We Hate To See Young People Suffered And Displaced Due To Domestic Violence
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Empowering Is The Key To Longevity And Sustainability Of Growth For Future Leaders
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About Us

Eyiyemi Bamidele Foundation is a Christian Ministry of help and support, registered in the United Kingdom and run as a Non-governmental non- political, community-based organization to support youth who are less privileged in Africa. Its registration EB-Foundatn NI665749

Our Vision

To empower, educate and enable young people’s health and creative abilities, giving them the opportunities to explore their options to maximum greatness.

Our Mission

To create a world of safety and equal opportunities; to build strong and strategic future leaders that will make and sustain positive change in the next generation.

Our beliefs

We believe in Equal Opportunity, Integrity, Respect.

Our value

We value your donations, support, and time that you are or will be providing to support our cause.

Get involve

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

EBMF Networks

At EBMF we never work alone, we work with individuals, organizations, churches, charities, schools in search of the identified less privileged children and youth who might need our support. Working to articulate the voice of rural communities on issues that matter to the community. We also work in partnership with companies, individual and organizations to support us to support the needy and vulnerable young people. EBMF adopts a community development approach to its works and employ staff with broad spectrum of skill sets.

What We Do

Advice Service

Education, Welfare and Creativity Programmes

Mentorship and Empowerment

Connect With Us

Contact email: eyibfoundation@gmail.com

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Our motto: In God we trust